Workshop ワークショップ



バイオマグネットは強力な磁石を使って身体をリセットします。これはpHを中立にすることで臓器の回復を可能にします。それは概観ですが、実は少し複雑 です、ワークショップで説明します。






場所; 下記の事務所  
日時: 7月30日(日) 3時~6時  
費用: ¥1,500



I will be giving a workshop outlining the theory and practice of BioMagnetism.


It is a powerful healing regimen that uses strong magnets to re-balance pH in the body and thus allow organs to recuperate. There will a chance to experience the healing first-hand.


The workshop will be conducted in both English and Japanese.


Place: Address given below  
Date/time:  July 30th from 3pm to 6pm   
Cost: ¥1,500

Limited to 10 attendees.   Please make a reservation








We will be holding regular workshops with practical demonstrations in English and Japanese to introduce Goiz Therapy. 


In the future I also hope to have weekend Introductory Courses because in USA the therapy is only taught in Spanish with English interpretation, which would be very difficult for a Japanese speaker. Even for English speakers the week-long course is difficult as it is aimed at healthcare professionals, and they expect you to be conversant with medical terminology, anatomical structures &c.

For details please check the calendar on this site or send me an email.